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Hot Panels can work with almost any material needed for your job, from Steel and Aluminium, to wood, Acrylic, PVC and composite products.

Rusted Steel


Rusted Steel, sometimes known as Corten Steel, gives a great rustic or industrial look. It naturally forms a protective rust patina which prevents further corrosion. Once the desired level of rust has formed, it can be sealed, or left as-is to gradually change over time. It is best suited for use in a garden bed, as a fence or over grass as it may cause staining on concrete after rain. It is supplied in a natural mill finish and will develop it's rusted finish naturally over time.

Powder Coated Aluminium


For the best coloured finish, powder coated Aluminium is the way to go. Available in the full Dulux range, there is a colour to suit any surrounding. A powder coated finish is hard-wearing, easy to clean and lasts for years outdoors. Aluminium is lighter than Steel, doesn't rust, and is our most commonly used material. It is also available in a rust colour if you want a natural Steel look but in a location where staining from a rusted Steel panel might be a problem, such as an exterior wall or pool fence.

Aluminium Composite Panel


A great low cost option, Aluminium Composite Panel is available in over 40 attractive pre-coated colours, including matte and gloss finishes. Long lasting and lightweight, ACP is suitable for most applications and easy to install for your DIY project. It is easy to clean and doesn't rust.